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Thunder Rally Enters Steam Early Access


What’s all that chaotic noise coming from the Early Access section on Steam? Could it be a completely crazy new car combat game?

The name of that game is Thunder Rally, from indie studio Typical Entertainment. You and up to seven other sadistic friends enter savage arenas and smash your vehicles into each other from an overhead perspective. Your main concern will be your opponents, but each arena will come with its own built-in destructive hazards. Various power-ups mix up the action, including the highly coveted item that turns your car into a robot mech. You can even get out of your car and fight on foot, shooting bullets at passing vehicles. Any way you find to win is excusable!

“We want player feedback to drive the development,” says Abel Mason Perry, co-founder of Typical Entertainment. “We feel like the game is in a pretty good place at the moment, but have been playing it ourselves for over two years and don’t want to develop the whole game in a bubble. Hearing from the community will keep us motivated, inspire new ideas, and ensure we’re focused on the features that players want.”

· Up to 8 players locally

· Add up to 7 ruthless CPUs for intense single player action

· 21 hazard packed levels

· 13 hilarious and deadly power-ups

Thunder Rally is live and coming your direction! Either get out of its way or pick it up on Steam Early Access.

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