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Monster Truck Championship Launches On PC


Didn’t we originally promise Monster Truck Championship would be available on both consoles and PC today? How dare we break our promise? ….Actually we never promised anything; read the fine print. And the decision was out of our hands anyway….

The last press release for Monster Truck Championship stated the game would launch on PC, Playstation 4 and XBox One October 15. That day happens to be today, but only the PC version made it on time…PS4 and XBox have to wait five days for an unspecified reason. You can expect those versions next Tuesday, October 20.

Monster Truck Championship is a simulation-style truck competition game from publisher NACON and developer TEYON. Taking control of one of sixteen monster trucks, you enter a heated competition across the US, racing through 25 stadiums and circuits. Monster Truck Championship goes more for realism than most games like it; you must master the unique physics of your chosen car to pull off wild stunt moves and pull ahead.

You’ve got five events to compete in: Race, the traditional multi-lap competition; Time Trial, where the goal is the fastest possible time; Drag Races, which take place on a small section of the track against one other driver, Freestyle, where you’re graded on stunts, and Destruction, where the goal is to mash as many obstacles as possible. There’s also a single-player Career Mode.

Monster Truck Championship is now available for PC, will come to PS4 and XBox One next week, and will arrive on Switch next month (November 24).

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