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DiRT 5’s New Trailer Reveals Ultra Cross Event


DiRT 5 has had a lot of trailers….what’s one more? What is Codemasters revealing about the game now?

The fifth DiRT will take racing fans all over the world, from Brazil to the US to Morocco. This installment will boast the largest variety of vehicles of any DiRT to date, including rally, 4×4, sprint cars, sports cars, monster trucks with big wheels and many more. There are 13 classes of cars in all, and many, many modes to race them through, including Rally Raid, Ice Breaker, Land Rush, Stampede, and this trailer’s focus, Ultra Cross.

Located in Italy, the Ultra Cross has some very twisty-turny roads that will keep racers on their toes. Alertness and quick reflexes are a necessity to tackle the sharp turns and dangerous obstacles throughout. The mode uses official FIA World Rallycross vehicles.

“Italy has proved to be an incredible setting for racing,” says Robert Karp, DiRT 5 Development Director. “Carving out routes within a quarry, an abandoned marble mine, and underneath the stunning Ponti di Vara bridges challenged the team, but players will love the experience.”

DiRT 5 will also contain the Playgrounds feature, an arena creation mode that lets players choose from three gameplay styles (high-speed Cate Crasher, stunt-focused Gymkhana and demolition derby Smash Attack) and share their original creations with others online.

DiRT 5 will be released on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC November 6, followed by next-gen versions for Playstation 5 and XBox Series X later in the year.

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