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Reviews Of Fast Racing NEO Are Positive — Where You Can Find Them


Shin’en’s new F-Zero clone Fast Racing NEO is now out on the Wii U, and most critics agree it’s a worthy placeholder for the nonexistent F-Zero game that everyone wanted on the console. Finding actual reviews, though, is difficult, since this is a digital-only title released solely for the Wii U and most of the major gaming sites have ignored it. Big mistake.

The biggest site we could find with a review of this game was Destructoid. Laura Kate Dale gave it a 90 out of 100 and said, “Fast Racing Neo is an arcade-style racing game that really captures a feeling of extreme speed from the get go. Environments stretch and blur as you fly around hairpin turns, jumps land with an immense thud if you’re not lined up correctly, and every collision feels like a fist strapped to a lightning bolt smacked into solid concrete. The racing is immensely fast, as the name makes clear, and the sense of weight and substance behind vehicles helps every movement feel important, responsive, and in control.”

Steve Bowling of Nintendo Life also awarded it a 90 and mentioned this: “The star of the show has to be Shin’en’s terrific course design. The tracks in FAST Racing NEO are nothing short of surreal, and are almost as fun for spectators as they are for players. Zipping under Sandworm-like creatures in Scorpio Circuit or weaving between the legs of a spider mech in Kamagori City never gets old. Every single track is gorgeous, bursting with detail and full of life; each course is full of edge-of-your-seat, hold-your-breath moments. Jumping between sections of track never feels safe, in just the right way. The threat of an opponent boosting with perfect timing and spinning you out in midair is omnipresent and is enough to keep even the most seasoned racer on the edge of their seat.”

Shawn Long of Nintendo Enthusiast gave it a glowing review and an 85 score: “Shin’en has created a game that pays homage to F-Zero, but with enough unique characteristics to make it a stand out title on it’s own. The level of polish in this game is amazing, and the fact that it’s an exclusive Nindie game is just the icing on the cake. For a meager $15 you can get one of the fastest and most gorgeous racing games on any platform, which is a true testament to the programming power of Shin’en. FAST Racing Neo is easily a must own title for the Wii U, and arguably one of the best 3rd party games on the system. ”

Fast Racing NEO was released yesterday, December 10, on the Wii U. It costs $14.99.

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