Just Cause 3

The Ultimate Just Cause 3 Stunt — For Now


Given how outrageous the average Just Cause 3 video is, one has to try pretty hard to stand out — and this one, discovered on Reddit and currently going mega-viral, does just that. Gamer Lesi20 manages to glide down a cliff face just as a car starts falling down in the distance, rush over to it in midair, kick its driver out and hijack the car right before it hits the bottom, quickly correcting himself so the car lands on its wheels and keeps going. It wasn’t easy to pull off and it took a few tries to execute successfully, but it paid off: Lesi20 is currently the king of Just Cause 3 stuntmen. Until someone else comes up with something even crazier.

The entire (silent) video of the stunt is at this page on Streamable, and also embedded below.

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