The First Trailer For Yakuza 6 Is Out


You could say America is behind when it comes to Sega’s Yakuza series. We just got Yakuza 6, we just had Yakuza 0 (the prequel game that comes after it) confirmed for an English translation, and now here’s a trailer for Yakuza 6 — which, for now, is a Japanese exclusive.

Much of the trailer is glamour shots of the highly detailed city environments the Playstation 4 allows for (try not to get too into them; you might get spoiled for the lesser quality graphics in the games you haven’t played yet). After that we see our new protagonist, named Kiryu, navigate around obstacles and leap over rooftops. And of course, he fights.

Yakuza 6 was announced at the Tokyo Game Show earlier this year and won’t be ready for Japan until the fall of 2016 — and in the same year, an HD version of the original Yakuza will be released. Neither have been confirmed to be published elsewhere, but lately the track record is promising for Yakuza’s English versions — if a bit slow.

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