Dirt Rally

Next Game In The Dirt Series Will Be Available….Right Now


UK developer Codemasters has announced the latest title in their series of racing games entitled “Dirt.” The newest game, Dirt Rally, will be exclusive to PC and includes online league support (you can join up to six at once), daily, weekly and monthly challenges, and a Team Management feature that lets you take on crew members. The game is powered by a new physics engine that “simulates everything from the way the surface of the road behaves to limited slip differentials.”

Dirt Rally is available….this very second, as long as you don’t mind purchasing the beta version from Steam Early Access. There’s a lot of content for an unfinished game: 36 stages and 17 cars are in the current build. Future cars and tracks will be added to Dirt Rally as the game is developed and can be patched in at no extra cost. For joining up now, you’ll even get a free Dirt Rally livery for the Subaru Impreza 1995 car, whatever a “livery” is.

“Over the coming months we’ll be adding more cars, more tracks, new game modes, and features we haven’t even thought of yet–features that you are going to think of and help us build,” says Codemasters. Dirt Rally will remain in Steam Early Access through the end of 2015.

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