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Which Is Better WRC 6 or Dirt Rally?


In video games, as in life, there are a lot of comparisons to be had. After all, comparing things is how we know which is better, and which is not. For WRC 6, while many agree it’s a good game, a lot state it would be appreciated more if Dirty Rally wasn’t around. But is that true?

Well, a Youtuber last year took that notion to heart and decided to do a side-by-side comparison of the game. He took it from the perspective of graphics, sounds, controls, race courses (many of which were similar in WRC 6 and Dirty Rally) and then compared them. Here are the results.

Many people took to the comments of the this video on Youtube to further discuss the differences. From how the co-pilot in WRC 6 sounds like a robot, to how Dirt Rally doesn’t really have a good Career Mode. Who came out on top? That’s honestly up for you to decide. Both are out now if you want to pick a side.

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