Dirt Rally

Four Minutes Of Gameplay From Dirt Rally


UK developer Codemasters announced, and then suddenly released, their next title in the Dirt series (Dirt Rally) yesterday. Now you can check out four minutes of the game in action, courtesy of Gamespot.

This footage was captured on a high-powered machine, so this is as good as the game can look at 1080p and 60 frames a second. Dirt Rally, in its current state, boasts 17 cars from the past 50 years and 36 tracks to race them on. It is available in beta form now on Steam Early Access for a little over thirty dollars, but any upgrades to the final version from that price entry point will be free for you. Feedback Codemasters gets from the beta will factor into the final product.

According to Gamestop, Codemasters may consider bringing the title to consoles if the PC version gets enough demand. Dirt Rally will remain in beta stage through 2015.

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