Cats, Cows And Whales: GTA Mods Turn Game Into A Zoo


Rockstar does not officially support mods for GTA V, and reportedly did everything it could to discourage people, but we all knew it was a fool’s errand. The mods are multiplying, and curiously, they mostly involve animals.

One of the more famous mod jobs to be revealed in the past two weeks is the Killer Kitty mod. This patch turns the main character into a binge-drinking, molotov-throwing, gun-blasting cat. (Warning: if you don’t like seeing a dozen cops shooting a cat, you may not like the opening, but rest assured he gets his revenge.)

Then there’s the motorcycle-riding cow. The cow handles slower than the cat, but just wait until he shoves a hawg below his massive torso and takes off. He rips through the countryside, being chased by cop cars, and takes a MASSIVE somersaulting leap when he collides with one.

But even that is topped by the whale. Someone figured out how to control a WHALE in GTA V, and he causes the accumulative destruction of a thousand and one Trevors. He disrupts traffic, rolls across the highway, crashes a pool party, collides with a tank and even takes down helicopters. If you only have time to watch one of the three, make it this one.

No doubt some more weirdness, possibly animal-related at the rate things are going, is in store. We will keep you posted.

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