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New Trailer For Codemasters’ ONRUSH


How did developer Codemasters choose to promote the upcoming racer ONRUSH in their latest trailer? With visuals very befitting of the name….care to watch?

ONRUSH, coming to PS4 and XBox One, isn’t billed as a car combat game, but the rules don’t discourage it either. Winning a race doesn’t just mean turning in the fastest time, it means bashing whoever’s in your way to get there. You won’t be punished much — your car regenerates right after you wipe out. The same can’t be said for your opponents, ha ha!

Codemasters has released this new trailer, which they’ve dubbed “RACE, WRECK, REPEAT.” You won’t be viewing the game from these angles — that would make gameplay rather difficult — but it does effectively show off the hectic pace of the races. ONRUSH comes racing into stores June 5.

As the Race, Wreck, Repeat trailer highlights, each track has multiple routes. A player can use the variety of avenues to their advantage, or, more often than not, disadvantage. Wince-inducing pinch points, stomach- churning near-misses and unforgiving environmental obstacles all play a pivotal role in testing a player’s reactions and keeping them on the edge of their seat.

Each track is also multi-layered, meaning the player can chose to stick to the ground, or go up high in order to wipe-out an opponent from above with a crushing takedown.

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