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Urban Trial Playground Opens Today On Nintendo Switch


Which stunt bike racing series has sold over a million copies worldwide? Urban Trial, and with its latest release on Nintendo Switch, will it reach higher numbers? Urban Trial Playground is the name — set on the beaches of California, every surface is a chance to perform another wild stunt to rack up bonus points. Urban Trial Playground contains several modes of gameplay, like the ones listed below:

Freestyle & Time Trial modes will be available and include online leaderboards across the  50+ game levels where players can grind their scores and rise to the top. Challenge yourself in Ghost mode, watch your best runs and try to beat them by perfecting different and faster routes or performing even crazier tricks.

Take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s build – in multiplayer functionality and race against friends or family in couch based competitive modes with 2 players split screen play in Time Trial or Tag modes.

“We have worked closely with Nintendo over the last few years and found great success on their industry defining consoles, both digitally and at retail,” says Joseph Debecki, a producer at Tate Multimedia. “We are very excited to continue to bring the Urban Trial games exclusively for their platforms and be part of the incredibly successful first year of Nintendo Switch”.

Urban Trial Playground is available now, digitally, on the Nintendo Switch eShop. For those of you who prefer physical releases, the game WILL be published on a card….everywhere except North America. But there’s an easy fix: since the Switch is region-free, you can import a British or Australian copy with no visible difference except the ratings tag. Cool!

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