NASCAR 15 Is Exclusive To GameStop And Last-Gen Consoles


Why? Well, it must be THAT GOOD.

GameStop has announced today that next month on May 22, the 2015 version of NASCAR will be available exclusively at their stores (it will be sold digitally as well, but physical copies are GameStop-only). It’s not making the next-gen leap yet, either: it’s one of the very few titles to be released this year for last-gen consoles only (Playstation 3 and XBox 360). Not only that, the game will be just $20.

If you’re skeptical that much work has been done improving this version over NASCAR 14, you’d be right: developer Dusenberry Martin Racing (who has never handled a NASCAR game before) states this title will be more of an “upgrade” than a full game. New content includes 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cut Series paint schemes, a career mode and tweaks to online multiplayer. If you can live without those features, then you can stick with NASCAR 14 for now….though the “new” game IS only twenty bucks.

There IS a version of NASCAR being developed for the Playstation 4 and XBox One, but it will not be out until 2016, and therefore will be NASCAR 16.

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