In-Depth Look At GTA V’s Rockstar Editor


When the PC version of Grand Theft Auto launches next Tuesday, it will come with a new feature called Rockstar Editor that will let users edit and create videos for posting around the social circles of the Net. Rockstar’s website was recently updated with full details on everything the editor will let you do.

Its most basic feature is simply recording footage. You can manually start recording a clip, or you can rewind recorded footage that Rockstar Editor catches automatically and select a clip from there. Any video editor can do that, but then there’s Director Mode, which allows the user to import any object or character from the game and place them anywhere they want. From there you can select the location, the camera angle, the field of vision, what time of day it is, even the weather. You’ll be able to stitch clips together, add sound effects and music. Rockstar has basically given users the kind of machinima creator that the game would normally have to be hacked to create (a fact they’re no doubt aware of by now).

Gamespot has taken Rockstar Editor for a spin and discusses their thoughts in a new video, where you can see for yourself how the editor works. Grand Theft Auto lands on PC for the first time on April 14.

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