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“Most Realistic Car Game Ever” Coming To Steam


Are you ready for the most realistic car game EVER? Kotaku has broken the story on “My Summer Car,” a video game coming to PCs soon.

“My Summer Car” is not about gleaming sports cars racing through exotic locales, or firing lasers from your Ferrari at spies, or anything of the sort. Instead it’s so realistic that you play first-person as a hick in the middle of nowhere tinkering on an abandoned beat-up car as a summer project.

Programmed by one person, Johannes Rojola, the game takes place in the back roads of Finland (where, I’m assuming, this guy is from). Rojola describes the full planned features of the game on his 90’s-tastic tacky website, in as broken an English dialect as he can muster.

‚ÄúThis game is all about realism. Not about fantasy of driving games… driving a car and fixing a car. This is not fantasy game, this is realism game. And what games like Gran Turismo and Forza and Assetto Corsa and Project Cars and stuff like this, they are fantasy games…This game is not like those games. This game is about realism.”

My Summer Car is so realistic that if you die once, that’s the end of the game, no matter how much progress you’ve made. And your death depends on how well you built the car, which with the limited tools you’re working with, will be very hard. Especially since the hick is constantly drinking, and he will be doing it when you’re driving the car. See below for Rojola’s full list of features.


Note that “physics bugs” is listed as a feature and so is “graphics of some sort.”

“My Summer Car” will be out in Steam Early Access soon, but under something Rojola calls a “random pricing model” where the price will constantly fluctuate between one and twenty dollars every time the game is updated. Big AAA car games, you’ve been warned: competition is coming.

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