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Burnout Paradise May Be Playable On XBox One Soon


Burnout Paradise was a racer that came out for the XBox 360. Currently, when you insert it into an XBox One, you get nothing but a disc read error. But as Microsoft works to expand its list of backwards compatible titles on the One, that could change soon.

The developer of Burnout Paradise, Criterion Games, tweeted yesterday that Microsoft has contacted them about possibly making the game backwards compatible with the newer console. There is no word as to why Microsoft would need Criterion’s specific help with this, but they may get it.

Yes, we ARE talking to Microsoft about making XBox 360 Burnout Paradise available on XBox One via backwards-compatibility! More news soon!

Microsoft executive Mike Ybarra did mention during E3 that in some cases, the backwards compatibility emulation could result in the games looking better than they did on XBox 360. Maybe this is their intended case with Burnout Paradise, and they need specific assets from the company to pull it off. But I’m just theorizing here.

When BC is activated on XBox One, some of the early playable titles will be the Mass Effect trilogy, Super Meat Boy, Halo Reach, and Perfect Dark Zero. No word on when Burnout Paradise will join the list.

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