Now There’s A GTA V Recreation Of The Fresh Prince Theme


News has been slow lately regarding the Grand Theft Auto series. No major releases appear to be on the horizon, and YouTube user Merfish is taking advantage of it. First he recreated the opening to Full House using nothing but GTA V assets. Then he created the main theme to the PBS cartoon show Arthur using the same tools. Rockstar still hasn’t announced any new upcoming games or DLC packs this week, so we have no choice but to report to you, in unison, that Merfish has created a recreation of the Fresh Prince main title in GTA V. Behold, there it is!

And now, the comparison video. I hope Merfish is investing all the money he’s getting from these things. It should make for a nice retirement.

Unless something significant happens in the next two weeks, when Merfish recreates the CSI Miami opening in GTA V we will let you know.

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