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Super Impossible Road: The Game Where You Cheat To Win


Awhile back a game called Impossible Road made its debut on mobile. Hailing from the indie game studio Wonderful Lasers, Impossible Road was exactly as its name suggested: you raced to be first on a road that was impossible. The roads consisted of twisting, turning midair spirals roads. They were fast, extremely narrow and very easy to fall off of. They were also procedurally generated and different every time, so you could forget about learning patterns. The only way to win the game and beat the other contestants, in fact, was to cheat. This was in the instructions.

The sequel, Super Impossible Road, is now coming to Playstation 4, and rest assured, it’s just as hard if not harder. To beat the tracks you must repeatedly find ways to launch yourself off a higher road onto a shorter one. Once you’re off the track and plummeting, you have five seconds to get back on before the game counts you as going out of bounds and resets your position.

While the Impossible Roads may encourage cheating on your part, they’re ironically the one series in the racing genre that doesn’t allow competitors to cheat. The AI phenomenon known as “rubber-banding” does not occur in this game — when you leave other racers in the dust, they’ll remain in your dust as long as you keep ahead of them. Take note, Mario Kart.

There’s no announced release date yet for Super Impossible Road, but there is a new trailer out that shows off not only the main game but the four-player splitscreen mode. It’ll run at 1080p and 60fps, but it has cell phone origins and doesn’t look to be pushing the PS4 to its graphical limits.

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