Xbox One Crackdown Will Blend Co-op and Single Player


You can play the new Crackdown on the Xbox One entirely in single player mode. Or you can play it co-op with friends. But there won’t be any type of transition or lobby to deal with, the experience is intended to be seamless.

“Crackdown was on of the first drop-in, drop-out co-op games, but we’re going more towards ‘there’s just the game,'” Microsoft’s creative director Ken Lobb told OXM. “You’re playing the game, it’s single, it’s co-op, it’s a mash-up,” he continued. “Choose at will in the game, instead of hiding behind menus and loads and lobbies. Just make the gameplay as if it’s one big thing.”

Crackdown (don’t call it Crackdown 3) is a partial reboot of the Crackdown series that was popular on the Xbox 360. It appears to ignore the apocalyptic plotline of Crackdown 2 for a return to the irresponsibly destructive superheroic jumping, shooting, and driving of the original Crackdown.


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