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There’s Another Mario Kart Game Out This Year, But Good Luck Finding It


You’re happy playing Mario Kart 8, sure, but did you know there’s a whole new Mario Kart game coming?

Mario Kart Arcade GP Deluxe is a licensed game developed by Namco Bandai, not Nintendo, that has been out in Japanese arcades since 2013. Because of the partnership it features Namco’s Pac-Man as a playable racer, in addition to a selection of Nintendo favorites.

The game is only for arcades, but it’s more than a slapped together version of the home game. It features an entirely new cooperative mode, that allows two players to phase their karts into a tank. It also allows player to photograph themselves and displays a picture of the winner at the end wearing a crown.

It also features another exclusive character, Don-chan, the main character of the Taiko no Tatsujin, a Namco drumming game. He’s sort of a smiley drum thingy. A western fan favorite, to be sure.

Although this is coming to American arcades this year, and may already be in some, the focus on Don-chan in the trailer probably gives you a pretty good idea of how likely you’ll be to find this one in an America. If you can even find an American arcade. But if you do come across it, sit your butt down and give up some coins for a unique Mario Kart experience.

More info about the game here.

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