World of Speed is “Not Free-To-Play, It’s Free” Developers Say


For those of you worried you won’t be able to compete Slightly Mad’s upcoming racing MMO World of Speed without laying out a lot of cash, developer Slightly Mad Studios sounds downright offended by the very idea.

“It’s not free-to-play, it’s free,” an “agitated” Creative Director Andy Tudor told Edge.

“It’s very obvious when you start putting walls into your game that require people to pay money to get over. I don’t know why games do it; we’re certainly not going to do that, ever. It’s also annoying when another player gets an advantage because they’ve put money into the game. We will never have a super-nitrous pack that will allow somebody to accelerate away from you. We expect you to get to the upper echelons of the game, with the best kit and best cars, and not have spent a single penny,” Tudor said.

Tudor also explained to Edge that World of Speed’s team-based racing system would take away some of the stress that makes other online racing games more intimidating and less fun. World of Speed is not a cut-throat, come in first at all costs game.

“The online competitive arena is quite scary. If I go into a race and there’s a guy who shoots off into first place, I just think, ‘Why am bothering?’ You give up, and that happens in every genre. When you take away that pressure of vying for first place, and you say, ‘You’re part of a team now’, [then] one of your guys can be amazing and you provide support for them in a certain role – either by doing something completely different to him, like drifting around all the corners, or by blocking people from potentially trying to overtake him – [and] it feels awesome,” Tudor said.

Check out the full preview here:

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