Where Krautscape is Going, it Doesn’t Need Roads


That’s because in Krautscape, not only does the lead racer define the twists and turns of the road, but your car can fly if it needs to. Those are two of the innovative twists in this new game from Majesco’s Midnight City label, which is now available on Steam Early Access.


The game is a multi-player focused racer where the player in the lead gets to choose the direction of the track as they pass through a series of gates. Your car is also a glider, so if you think you can glide over to another section of the track as a shortcut, why, you’re welcome to try.

Krautscape Flying

The game has three modes: Snake, Ping Pong and Collector.

In Snake the track disappears behind the last car. In Ping Pong players are hit one end of the track, bounce, reverse, and come back as the length and difficulty increases. And Collector puts floating cubes in the space that players need to build the track close enough to to glide over and snatch.

Krautscape creates an alternate history where Dr. Konrad von Krautkopf invented a new form of racing. Here’s the description from a Midnight City press release, which is kind of a cool throwback to video and computer game manuals from the 80s.

“In the year 1880, renowned German inventor Dr. von Krautkopf envisioned a revolutionary new type of vehicle that not only propelled itself on the ground, but had the ability to glide. He dubbed these vehicles the Krautomobiles (or Krautos), designed with special retractable wings that both streamlined the body and allowed for maximum lift. He made extensive headway, but died suddenly late in 1881 of a tragic food poisoning incident. His closest friend and confidant, Carl Benz claimed rights to Krautkopf’s invention and attempted to capitalize on the genius. After several failed attempts at building his own Krauto from Dr. von Krautkopf’s notes, he finally gave up and began working on what would later be known as the “automobile.” Dr. von Krautkopf’s dream has laid in wait for over 130 years, waiting for the next generation of inventor to make his vision come true. Today, we bring the first ever digital gateway to the Krautscape and invite everyone to participate in his vision.”

The game will launch for $9.99, but you can pick it now on Steam Early Access for $7.99.


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