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What Rocket League Would Look Like In Real Life


Can you imagine what it would look like if a bunch of people drove their cars into the middle of a soccer stadium and started batting around a giant ball with the front of their hoods? We don’t have to imagine anymore; Youtube channel CorridorDigital created a mock-up of a theoretical real Rocket League with the aid of some actors and a little CG.

Unfortunately, they didn’t use real cars for this. I know, expenses and all, but the video still manages to impress. As the actors start moving RC cars around, said cars start performing the impossible stunts from the games. If you want to know how all this was done, CorridorDigital also released a making-of video….

This video does bring up the notion that it wouldn’t be hard to create a real-world market version of Rocket League that used remote-controlled cars — minus the stunts. There’s a lot of money to be made there, I’d imagine. Nobody seems to be biting yet.

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