New Lowriders-Related Event This Weekend! Free Hat! Free Hat!


Following this week’s launch of GTA Online’s Lowriders update, a special event will be held all weekend. Starting today and lasting through Sunday, you’ll be able to enter in special contests AND you’ll get a free hat every day you log on, for doing nothing. Today you’ll get a Magnetics hat; tomorrow you’ll get a Low Santos hat and the day after you’ll get a Benny’s hat. Simple as that; don’t even have to steal ’em. Also look for a screenshot-taking contest and a new event playlist spotlighting the Lowriders’ three new adversary modes.

We mentioned when we covered the Lowriders update a few days ago that you would now be given the ability to purchase a fourth property. This weekend’s event should help in that task: you’ll be able to get a 25 percent discount on that property….provided you qualify. Qualifications mean you must have a verified email registered with the Rockstar Games Social Club, be signed up for Rockstar’s mailing list, and be a member of a crew on Social Club. If you do those three things (or if you’ve already done them), making a purchase through the in-game Dynasty 8 website will net you a refund on October 28. Also, it has to be a ten-car garage you’re buying.

This event is restricted to current-gen systems — sorry, PS3 and 360 players, no hats for you.


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