Just Cause 3

Wacky Just Cause 3 Physics Make For Unique Balancing Act


Being a game built on causing destruction and mayhem in the most wild and creative of ways, you can forgive Just Cause 3 for being a little…creative in the physics engine department. But we haven’t seen anything like the bizarre phenomenon that happened by chance to Youtuber teamcream.

Slapping some boosters on a box and then running, teamcream then activated them and watched the box somersault across the lot and into a garage, where it began spinning perfectly on one of its corners. Then the boosters blew up, which should have destroyed the box or at least made it stop spinning, but instead it continued to spin in the same manner. And when it stopped, it was still balanced perfectly on its corner! It’s the Mary Lou Retton of boxes. I give it a 10.0.

This is the kind of trick that’s impossible to set up on purpose, so enjoy the only video there’ll ever be.

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