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TT Isle Of Man 2 Available Now


Got a PC? (Probably, if you’re reading this.) Got a PS4 or an XBox? Then you can play TT Isle of Man 2 right now. The game was released today for these systems.

TT Isle of Man 2 is the sequel to the 2018 motorbike racer. It contains two main modes…..there’s the Career Mode, where you prove your worth on one of eighteen different tracks, enter championships, earn cash, purchase more powerful bikes, and hone your wheelcraft until you reach the top. But if you’re looking for something less serious, there’s a Free Roam mode that uses a large open area for you to practice in and experiment with tricks. You can also take on challenges like time attacks and pursuits if you so choose.

This time, KT is enlisting the input of actual people who’ve raced on the real Isle of Man TT. Davey Todd, for example, is a competitor from England who actually used the original TT Isle of Man game to become familiar with the actual track before he entered the race. Todd went on to become the second fastest newcomer of all time in the TT Isle of Man, and last year he finished in the top 8 in all categories and won 6th place in the Senior Race. Julien Toniutti, who has raced the Isle of Man three times, is also contributing.

  • Realistic bike physics and challenging gameplay
  • All 38 miles (60km) of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy meticulously recreated
  • 17 additional circuits to explore and for improving riding skills
  • An open-world area for testing reflexes and bike set-ups
  • A deep Career mode offering the chance to move up from amateur rider to winner of the Senior TT
  • 27 riders and 13 official TT bikes available, as well as 5 legendary bikes
  • A unique helmet cam for increased immersion

Got a Switch? Then you’re out of luck, at least for now, but there is a version of TT Isle of Man in the works for that system now and it should be ready before 2020 is through.

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