Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione Against Real GT3 Drivers


Playing an official GT3 racing game against real life GT3 drivers such as David Perel, Kelvin van der Linde and Dennis Lind. Hopefully I don’t look too silly out there!

Format: 30 min practice, 15 min qualy, 60 min race.
Circuit: Kyalami (South Africa)

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➡️️ Fanatec Podium DD1 PS4
➡️️ Fanatec Mclaren GT3 Rim
➡️️ Fanatec Clubsport wheel
➡️️ Fanatec CSL P1 Wheel
➡️️ Fanatec Clubsport V3 Pedals
➡️️ Sim Lab P1
➡️️ Sim Lab Monitor Mount
➡️️ Sparco REV bucket seat
➡️️ Fanatec Handbrake
➡️️ Fanatec Shifter

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➡️️ 2 Years +
Jimmy Broadbent, Christian

➡️️ 1 Year +
Anirudh Shirsat, Adeyemi Inniss, Robert Freitas, dibblr, King James, RypeL, Rory Alexander, LzyBoyCouch, RacinX, Benjamin Ford, Montevallo Mustang, R4M Oliver Howe, Tidgney, Frederik Brinkhorst, Ryan Varns, TheKie25, SpaghettiBowl_,Matt Lade, Roadrager1904, wongckj, Davii Mai, INSERT NAMEHERE, Scribble, Acrophobic Mountain Climber, Chris Tibble, Lo11o, Andrew Henrick, VVLF 01, Pepzi, PaintingJo, TheLastAMX, Hugh Hatrick, EvoStar, Chris Mucklow, R4M_Jonbeez, Jeremiah Holland, Essex Boy, James Muirhead, R4M Ununited, Skyline Faux, Hamborino, Alfie

➡️️ 6 Months +
=Fuerta=, Aegon 01, Jack Hemming, James Walters, Shane Wendel, Iakrana, Bernhard Weller, Jelle Soeffers, BRKsEDU, Julio A. Nunez, Freya the Succubus, Asim Masud-Bahu, Davil Z, MrShentar, Christian XII, Thomas Warwick, R4M_Home_Malone, Adama Banana, Chris Miller, R4M_Lefreud_GTS, BakerKC, Skeletor, Speechless EU, Shane Ohhh, Puppy and Cats, Sam T, Infinity Flow, 93’ Til Infinity, a random callsign, Scy, GTS RogersRacing, Ive G, Xiolin, Aaron Binford, Sam Kim, Soren Christiansen, amphobius, G R I M

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