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Torque Drift Coming To Mobile Later This Year


What is Torque Drift? According to developers Grease Monkey Games, it’s “the result of what happens with drifters make a drifting game.” How does it handle?

Torque Drift’s main selling point appears to be its career mode. You will start as a small-time driver and grow your reputation as you win races, accumulating awards and sponsors. This is also how you amass parts that will let you customize your car. But there’s also an online tandem battle mode, which matches you up with racers of a similar rank. “Players will each lay down a lead run, then take on the track again in a chase run, which will pit them against their opponents lead run,” says the dev team. “At the end of both runs, each player will receive points based upon their drifting skills.”

Grease Monkey claims Torque Drift has “stunning graphics, real drifting physics and smoke effects that will have you smelling the rubber burn.” And they’re serious about the burning — drifting is a rough sport, and your car will eventually build up damage from every race you participate in.

  • Stunning Graphics
  • Real drifting physics
  • Realistic smoke effects
  • Real professional drifting teams, real branded sponsors, real aftermarket parts.
  • Full car tuning customization
  • Livery painting customization
  • Car panel damage
  • Online multiplayer tandem drifting
  • Replay mode with multiple camera angles, slow motion, and social media support.

Watch out for Torque Drift, coming to mobile devices in 2018.

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