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MXGP Pro: A New Behind The Scenes Look


Waiting impatiently for Milestone’s MXGP Pro? While you’re tapping your feet, how’d you like to see how the game was put together?

When it comes to MXGP Pro, Square has been extremely generous with peeks behind the curtain, more so than with most other titles. Now they’ve given us over five minutes of footage revealing the making of this game, from top to bottom.

Milestone is proud to present an exclusive look inside the development of MXGP Pro. Watch as MXGP pro riders Tony Cairoli, Tim Gajser and Gautier Paulin provide insights and feedback to the Milestone team.

Learn about the tips and tricks inspired by their feedback and discover how to become a professional MXGP athlete in this insightful new developer video.

MXGP Pro will contain the following features:

  • A new Bike Set-Up system, which enables players to customize nearly every aspect of their bike, based on real values and metrics;
  • A unique physics approach, which grants the player limitless movements with a reworked system of grips, collisions, and in air behaviors;
  • Even more realistic rider movements, integrated with the bike and affected by the bike’s impact on different terrains.

“Thanks to the exclusive partnership with official MXGP riders,” says Simonotti, “we have been able to receive qualitative feedbacks on areas of improvements towards the whole development process. It has been a unique experience for us to be on track with them and we are proud of the results achieved.”

Watch for MXGP Pro when it arrives July 10 on Playstation 4, XBox One and PC.

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