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Today Driveclub Was Accidentally Free For PS Plus Members


Sony’s been promising a free Playstation Plus version of Driveclub for some time, but has yet to deliver….until today, when they delivered for a few hours and then took it back.

The free version of Driveclub accidentally went up this morning, and was taken down this afternoon. It contains every feature of the full game: online multiplayer matches and challenges, offline solo racing, Tour events, customization, replays, Photo Mode, and more. It also contains all 13 of India’s tracks, 15 cars, and 27 trophies, including the Platinum. The only difference is a smaller amount of tracks and cars, which you can get by upgrading to the full version. If you nabbed it within that time frame, congrats, it’s yours…if you didn’t, you’ll have to wait.

Driveclub is, of course, no stranger to calamity. It was originally intended as a Playstation 4 launch title back in 2013, but was repeatedly delayed since then. It finally appeared in October of 2014, but had so many issues that the PS Plus version was put on hold while the bugs were dealt with. This version of the game was originally meant to appear alongside the retail version. In 2013.

Official word from Sony is that the game was removed because the servers to handle it weren’t entirely up yet. If and when the game returns to the Playstation Store, you should be able to claim it here with a PS Plus account.

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