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Rocket League/Dying Light Crossover Announced


Rocket League has crossed over with some pretty large properties over the past few months — Universal with the Delorean car, DC/WB with the Batmobile….but this latest crossover might not be as well known to you. Dying Light is a survival horror game that has nil to do with Rocket League, but they will be cross-promoting one another nonetheless.

The first item is Dying Light’s “The Following” expansion, which adds Rocket League’s dirt buggies to Dying Light. You can get an enhanced edition of this DLC by going to this website and typing in the code “LightMyRocket”. You’ll get a new paintjob for the buggies for your efforts.

That’s fine, but what’s Rocket League getting? Psyonix is promising some “Dying Light inspired stuff,” but it’s under wraps at the moment. As for the thinking behind this crossover, Psyonix social media marketing manager Kyle Lemmon said “Rocket League’s continuing success helped us foster some really awesome partnerships for Psyonix, so when Techland reached out to us we thought being included in a AAA title like Dying Light made a whole lot of sense for both communities.”

The two companies have put together a short trailer demonstrating the joint efforts of their product-smash…..

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