Project Gotham Racing Franchise Not in Development For Xbox One


Sorry, no Kudos for you.

If you were holding out hope that a new Xbox might come with a chance to earn some by pulling some sick moves in a new Project Gotham Racing title, Phil Spencer, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios and one of the guys in charge of greenlighting Xbox games, has some bad news.  From his Twitter feed:

“We aren’t currently working on PGR. I really liked the franchise, really just down to # of racing franchises,” tweeted Spencer.

My love for Project Gotham Racing goes back to the Sega Dreamcast.  The first Project Gotham Racing title on the original Xbox was the “spiritual successor” to the awesome Metropolis Street Racer for the Dreamcast, a game that sucked up many hours of my time roaring through urban environments, and the sequels built on that success.

Even though this news didn’t come as a huge surprise, there hasn’t been a new Project Gotham Racing since 2007’s Project Gotham Racing 4 and original developer Bizarre Creations broke up in 2o11, it’s a streak that it would be a shame to end for good. Here’s hoping some day the franchise will be revived.

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