All Gran Turismo 5 DLC Leaving PS Store April 30, Here’s How to Keep It


Ahead of the shutdown of the game’s online services May 30, Polyphony Digital is giving players until April 30 before Gran Turismo 5 DLC is yanked from the PlayStation Store for good.

Most of the DLC players have already purchased can still be re-installed after it is removed from the store by following a few simple steps, but a couple of pieces won’t have that option.

The company posted a detailed guide to how to keep the DLC at its site. Be warned that it is not as easy as checking for it in your downloads list in some cases, so you should read the guide carefully if you want to keep your content.

For the ‘Racing Car Pack” and the “Course Pack,” players need to install a free upgrade to keep them available after the online services go dark. ¬†Most other DLCs will remain available to download without any special precautions.

However, the “Paint Pack” and “Racing Gear Pack” ¬†will be gone for good from the servers when the online services end, so if you want them, get them on your hard drive before then.

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