Play A Demo For DRAG Now On Steam


How is DRAG, the upcoming multiplayer racing game from Orontes Games? Is it a thrill, or does it live up to its name? Ordinarily you would have to take the word of the reviewers, but in this case, you have the chance to try it yourself — for free.

Orontes has put together a limited-time demo for DRAG and made it available as part of the Steam Game Festival, which began today and lasts approximately one week. The developers tell us “DRAG is a multiplayer Sci-Fi racing game with innovative offroad vehicle physics in which dynamic wheel loads cause true physical weight shifts, just in case fast racing on loose ground isn’t enough of a challenge.”

The demo consists of 24 single player challenges. Your goal is to achieve the best times in each and position yourself at the top of the leaderboard — if you do, you’ll win a prize. Only the top ten fastest times will qualify for a free copy of DRAG when it is released!

The DRAG demo will be up until Steam Game Festival ends on June 22. Try to get at least one play in before then. Go to the linked Steam page to download it.

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