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F1 2020 Shows Off My Team Game Mode


What’s going to make F1 2020 stand out from all the previous years of F1 games? What did we just find out about the new My Team mode?

When Codemasters’ F1 2020 ships next month, it’ll include a new mode called My Team that functions a lot like the career modes of previous games, yet expanded and enhanced. You’ll start as a fresh young F1 driver, new to the tracks, and you’ll need to make crucial choices to build yourself up with the limited resources you have. Track down your first sponsor and use the funds to hire a team including additional drivers. You’re not just a racer in this mode, you’re the boss of a racing team, and managing the budget, your crew’s activities, and the press will keep your hands full.

“My Team is a feature that both the studio and our community have wanted for some time,” said Lee Mather, F1 Franchise Game Director at Codemasters. “My Team thrusts the player into the world of F1 with its unique driver-manager experience. We know our players are going to love this new feature.”

“It’s been an enlightening experience using real-world data to create the driver stats. They will divide opinion, and we know our players will spend hours debating them,” adds Paul Jeal, Franchise Director. “We’re excited to see how the stats evolve when the drivers hit the track, and the knock-on effect this will have in the game.”

F1 2020 will be released for Playstation 4, XBox One, PC and Google Stadia on July 10.

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