Old People Try Out Grand Theft Auto V


You’d think that old folks would automatically hate Grand Theft Auto V, but when the Fine Brothers had some of them try it out for their Elders React series, it showed that assumptions don’t always hold true.

In fact, some of them really liked it, although it took them a while to get used to the controls. It took a little while to figure out how to get in the car instead of kicking it. Or how not to drop grenades behind themselves and blow themselves up.

“Who gives a (bleep) about the cops,” says one old man as he goes on a shooting spree. He quickly gets shot to death, by the cops. Another old lady gets arrested and admits that her character deserves it.

Although some of the older people were appalled by the violence and thought it shouldn’t be played by kids and that it might encourage “whackos” to hurt people in real life, others enjoyed getting it out of their system.

“I had fun with the violence because it’s just a game,” says one of the older women.

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