Will We One Day See Augmented Reality GTA Through Microsoft’s HoloLens?


Microsoft’s HoloLens has been the talk of the tech industry since its unveiling at a Windows 10 event this week. The device is a headset that lets you see and interact with virtual objects and elements with seamlessly blend with your environment.

Microsoft is obviously aware of its potential for gaming. It showed it off using a Minecraft clone, you can see it in the promo video above. But what about games like GTA? Could you one day have a virtual shootout in your living room? Of course, there’s no way to really answer that, but we do know the tech is on GTA publisher Take-Two Interactive’s radar.

Well before the tech was officially announced, Microsoft gave Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick a demo. Zelnick blabbed about it on Bloomberg TV in November.

“The demo that I had was at Microsoft’s headquarters in a room given over to this [technology], and you had an immersive headset on, and there are characters that appear to be real, and you’re interacting with the characters and they’re not real, and it’s pretty extraordinary,” said Zelnick.

Zelnick was a bit skeptical of whether consumers will want to wear devices like HoloLens, but if it takes off, expect Take Two Products on it.

“Part of it is we have to see how the headsets roll out and how we can best deliver an experience. We are concerned that you play our games for a long period of time, and we don’t want people getting nauseated. Having had the experience, I’m not sure how long you want an immersive headset on your head. We’ll find out. I will say this, if that’s what consumers want, we’ll be first in line to give it to them,” Zelnick said.

Via The Verge

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