New Hitman Game To “Refocus” On Gameplay Aspects Instead Of Focused Story



At the recent Gamecom, IO Interactive showed off a gameplay demo for their upcoming Hitman reboot. In it they showed a level full of people, and full of opportunity to show of the skills of Agent 47. This was a bit of a changeup from the previous Hitman title, Absolution.
“I would say is that Absolution was the odd man out by being very story-driven,” says Hannes Seifert, studio head at Io Interactive. “That is something I think served its purpose but it necessitated that the hits, the actual action, be like pearls on a string. You had a more linear experience with some sandboxes in between.”

“This is not bad, but many games do that. What we did with the previous games is something nobody does; this high-density kill sandbox where you can be creative with what you want and save at any time. So we wanted that back very early.”
What do you think? Do you prefer this more fun open style? Or did you like Absolution’s more focused gameplay?

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