Level Design of Hitman Testament To Modern Consoles



In a live demo at Gamecom, a playable version of a level in Paris was shown. And as many noted, there are a lot of areas Agent 47 can access. As IO Interactive notes, this is truly because of the advances in gaming technology. For this would not have been possible before.

“The density and the size we have; we’ve never had that before,” says Hannes Seifert. “That’s also something we could not have done before the current generation of hardware.”

He also notes that due to the size that the levels now have, the interactions between the player, the targets, and the NPC’s now have to be on point as well.

“One of the things in any Hitman game is that the level design we have makes us unique but it makes it very challenging,” says Seifert. “All of is procedural and systemic. You make an action and you trigger a reaction. You could potentially snipe a model on the catwalk, and the fashion show has to react to that. The audience has to react to that. And this is something that is happening in the game.”

Indeed. Sounds like Hitman will be something to behold, don’t you think?

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