Mod Introduces The Ramp Truck


Look who’s back….it’s BlackSmokeBilly, the modder who brought us endless videos of insane car stunts in GTA V, done mostly with trucks. Just when you thought everything that could be done with trucks HAD been done, Billy figured out how to take things one step further. It turns out by turning the truck’s trailer a few degrees, you can partially clip it through the pavement and create a makeshift backhoe. He’s based a mod around his new invention…..the Ramp Truck.

And just look at the Ramp Truck go! It blasts down the Los Santos highway at 70 MPH, traveling the wrong direction and flinging everything in its path fifty feet into the air. To spice up the video, Billy added another mod that makes the cars a bit more lightweight, so they travel farther as the ramp catapults them.

But he’s not done yet! Billy finds much bigger trailers in the game, attaches them to his truck, and goes wild! Eventually he finds a trailer so big that it covers the length of the entire highway. If you think you know chaos, wait’ll he gets inside a tunnel!

Billy used the mod SimpleTrainer to create the Ramp Trucks. I wish this was an actual part of the game, dangit.

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