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Just Cause 3: Console vs. Console


We’ve heard all about the PC’s problems running Just Cause 3 — for once, the PC seems to be the worst version of a multiplatform video game, at least for the time being. But between the Playstation 4 and the XBox One, which version of this game is better?

Several reviewers seem to be suggesting it’s Playstation 4. Eurogamer found visible performance issues in the XBox One version — though they’re not nearly as bad as the framerate on PC, it might be enough for the ultra-picky to consider the PS4 version. Most people will find the XBox One framerate workable if slightly inferior.

What’s clear is that neither version of Just Cause 3 is able to sustain a locked 30fps, but it is indeed the Xbox One release that offers a noticeably lower level of in-game fluidity. In our tests, we’ve compared both cut-scenes and gameplay, and our lowest recorded drop occurs on Xbox One, where a massive explosion sends us plummeting to 20fps, while PS4 plateaus to 24fps in entirely different circumstances – with CPU power the likely culprit for bottlenecked performance there.

They made a video to show what they’re talking about, with the worst instance of the XBox One’s framerate drop occurring around 2:02.

Framerate may not be dividing us for long. Avalanche Studios is working on a patch that, it’s assumed, will make performance equal across all platforms (or at least close to it).

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