Iron Man Visits Los Santos, Brings Hulkbuster


In lieu of any fast-breaking news in the GTA world, here’s another weird mod for you.

Modder JulioNIB has created an Iron Man suit in Rockstar Editor. It’s fully functional and has all the tech-based powers the superhero does, such as superstrength, nigh-invulnerability and flight (via rocket boots). Being Iron Man almost makes the game too easy. No character or NPC in the game can stand up against Stark Industries’ greatest creation, but somehow that wasn’t enough for Julio. A couple weeks later, he designed the Hulkbuster armor from Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and put it in the game as well.

So we have to ask: if you’re going to build the Hulkbuster, shouldn’t you build the Hulk first? As it is, without a Hulk to fight the giant mecha-suit is just a gigantic useless powerhouse designed to stroke Tony Stark’s ego. …Which wouldn’t be that unusual, I suppose. Get the Iron Man suit and the Hulkbuster by going here.

There’s no word on a Hulk mod yet, but if it happens and Rockstar still hasn’t revealed anything interesting of their own, we will let you know quickly.

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