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Funbox Media Publishes Two New Kart Racers


Remember back when cartoonish kart racing games were as plentiful as rain? Funbox Media feels they can relieve our current drought…what are their two new kart racers like?

Funbox is releasing two kart racers on the same day. One is called “Super Sonic Racer” (I guess we’ll see if Sega decides to sue) and includes such diverse vehicles as a taxi cab, a pizza delivery van, a magnetic motorbike from the future and even a space shuttle. The game contains four worlds, but only the first will be available to start with…the others must be unlocked through gameplay.

  • Ocean World – In this world you will race through a fantastic underwater environment.  The Ocean World is a living planet that is entirely covered in water.
  • Trash World – Have you always wondered where that garbage you throw away each week has been going?  The answer is Trash World.
  • Game World – This game-themed world is a blast to race in, and it is no wonder so many drivers fly in to partake in the competitive races.
  • Nightmare World – It’s dark, creepy, slimy, scary; It’s everything that you can (but don’t want to) imagine.  Only the bravest of all racers make it this far, but it takes a Supersonic Racer to win.

Funbox’s second racer is called “Calvin Tucker’s Farm Animal Racing” and oddly, the press release spends much more time talking about the backstory (a bunch of farm animals decide to hold their own racing tournament) than the gameplay. There are six tournaments in the game, which take place in areas named F.A.R.T. HQ, Medieval Madness, The Pirate Bay, Nova Zembla, Egypt Encounters and Rosewell. Just like Super Sonic Racing, the tournaments must be unlocked in order. If you thought you could get out of playing an environment called F.A.R.T. HQ, you thought wrong.

Whether Funbox has the chops to bring mass-produced kart racers back in vogue remains to be seen, but both games can be had on Steam as of today.

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