Eleven Minutes Of Gameplay From Yakuza 6


Want to see the latest Yakuza? Here’s over ten minutes of Yakuza 6, albeit untranslated. During a special livestream, series director Toshihiro Nagoshi led viewers through eleven minutes of the Japanese crime story, which consumers of the island nation will get to play a demo of on January 28.

For the time being, all anyone can do outside Japan is watch: Yakuza 6 is currently not scheduled to come out anywhere else, and if there ARE secret plans, America is still waiting on the translations of Yakuza games released before this one. If we ever do get an English release date, it’s not going to include the number 2016.

Yakuza 5 just came out for the American Playstation 4 last December, to favorable reviews. The prequel Yakuza 0 came next in line, and was formally announced for the US not too long ago.

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