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New Patch About To Reorganize Rocket League


Psyonix announced an upcoming patch for Rocket League today that’s going to reorganize online competition. The patch will introduce 12 new competitive divisions, replacing the existing 10.

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One of the things the reorganization aims to abolish is instant promotion to a higher division, or by the same token, instant demotion to an older one. Since your stats will be calculated on a more fair level from this point, it will take more than one match loss to knock you out of the top-tier division you worked so hard to get to.

Will this update reset everyone back to square one? Well….sorta, but it won’t take long to bring things back to normal. Once the patch is live, all players will need to play ten placement matches. The data gathered from those matches, combined with the player’s standing from the pre-patch game, will determine their division going forward.

In addition, there will no longer be a limit to how many players can remain in the top tier, which is now called “Champion.” These changes are discussed in greater detail in Psyonix’s post on the Rocket League Steam page. The update is coming sometime in February — they don’t discuss the exact date. Presumably it will apply to all versions, including the upcoming XBox One Rocket League.

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