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Driveclub VR Will Launch Alongside Playstation VR


When the Playstation 4 gets its VR goggles this October, you’ll be able to begin virtua-racing right away. Driveclub VR, a virtual version of Sony’s racing property, will be available at the Playstation VR’s launch date, October 13.

This date was revealed, apparently by accident, on the Japanese Playstation website. Only a cache of the original page exists now, but translated it says both the headset and Driveclub VR will be out on the same day.

Now the question is, who developed this? The original team behind Driveclub, Evolution Studios, was shut down earlier this year. Might this be by someone else?

Not so, says Paul Rustchynsky, director of Driveclub. He confirmed on NeoGAF that the original team was re-hired to continue development for Driveclub VR. “The same development team who made DRIVECLUB, also made DRIVECLUB VR.”

Of course, it might’ve been completed earlier than Sony is letting on. An ESRB rating for Driveclub VR first appeared in April of this year. That would indicate it’s been sitting on the shelf for months. Whatever the circumstances are, we know this much: Driveclub VR will be available this October for PS4.

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