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Driveclub VR Alive And Well, Coming In October


As we reported previously, Evolution Studios, the developers of Sony’s Driveclub, were let go by the company and nearly went out of business — until they were acquired by Codemasters a week later. Now we hear word that a Driveclub spinoff previously shown off in experimental form is close enough to completion that it’ll be released this October…but who’s completing it?

No one knows. But the product is Driveclub VR, a racing game made specifically for the Playstation VR headset. The game was demoed a few weeks ago, and the press reported that only one track and a few cars were functional. The game was just rated by the ESRB today, which means it has to be very close to finished (all those problems were solved quickly, I guess). Then you have the problem that the original developer is now owned by someone else. What’s going on?

No one knows but Sony, and barring another North Korean hack, it may stay that way. Somehow, Driveclub VR is coming to Playstation VR this October. The peripheral to play it on costs $400.

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