Crash Drive 2 Coming To Switch In February


Most raving games stick to a particular theme of vehicle….sports cars, motorcycles, ATVs…..but tell that to developer M2H’s Crash Drive 2, a game that throws everything into the pot! Take a buggy for a spin on the tracks, or a monster truck, or a school bus (hold on, kids!). There’s even a tank.

Your goal is to do anything BUT win a race. You’re matching against others in four competitive events including Coin Collect, King of the Crown, Race Tag Stunt, and Find the Ring. If someone’s ahead of you, bash ’em out of the way! You’ll have a bigger advantage if you can find the black market dealer in each arena and purchase insane upgrades. Both online and offline (with bots) modes are supported.

The PC has had Crash Drive 2 to kick around for some time, but the Nintendo Switch will be getting it in just a couple weeks. Look out for it on the eShop February 7!

Crash Drive 2 hands you the keys to a crazy collection of vehicles as you explore four vibrant open worlds full of secrets, races, and opportunities for wild stunts! What’s your ride: sports car, hot rod, beach buggy? Or perhaps school bus, monster truck… or tank? Hours of arcade fun as you explore four vibrant open worlds with outrageous scenery!

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