Burnout Paradise On XBox One Still A Possibility


Over one year ago (July 2015 to be precise), backwards compatibility on XBox One was a new concept, and one of the first games to be discussed for that feature was Burnout Paradise, originally released on the XBox 360. The racer’s developer, Criterion Games, announced back then it was working with Microsoft to get the game running on the One and they’d let their fans know when that was close to happening.

It’s been quite a long time, and Microsoft has now added over 250 titles to the BC library, none of which are Burnout Paradise. It’s safe to assume the project was cancelled, right? Apparently not. When asked about the absence of the game on Twitter, Criterion responded with this:

“Patience, Paradise fans! This work is continuing and we hope to have more BC news soon.”

There was one other Burnout game released for the 360 back when it was young: Burnout Revenge, originally developed for the Playstation 2 and first XBox. Criterion has stated on the record this version of the game will never be made compatible with XBox One, for unknown reasons (too dated?)

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