How About a Bit of the Old Ultraviolence? A Clockwork Orange In GTA Online


A Clockwork Orange is, essentially, what the moral watchdogs think violent video games are leading the youth of the day into. Cynicism, degeneracy and oh dear lord so much violence.

So it’s appropriate that GTA Series Videos remade about six minutes of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange film in GTA Online. The scenes are very convincing, because if there’s one thing GTA Online does well, it’s violence. I think a few of the moral complexities of the film and original novel might have gotten glossed over just a wee bit, though.

As always, I’m astounded by what GTA Machinima creators can do before Rockstar even gives them the tools. The PC version on March 24 will come with a video editor, and then we’ll see even more amazing stuff.

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